The Process

Here is a step-by-step outline of our process:

Step 1. Walk through inspection of current equipment and review previous consumption from utility bills
Step 2. Commission an independent energy audit
Step 3. Evaluate the feasibility of the recommendations presented in the energy audit
Step 4. Prepare a plan of work to be completed and a guaranteed payment schedule over a 15 year term
Step 5. Discuss with Board of Directors and obtain an agreement to proceed, based on a 15 year agreement
Step 6. Prepare detailed construction schedule and communication plan
Step 7. Implement the plans to replace and install new equipment
Step 8. Commission all new equipment
Step 9. Conduct ongoing maintenance of the equipment and monitoring of the newly installed systems
Step 10. Regularly report results to the Board of Directors
Step 11. Provide first regular payment to the community

Utilities can represent 35-50% of your condominium budget

A small 10% savings on utilities can have a 5% impact on a condominium budget. So small changes can result in significant savings.
Utilities Pie Chart

Potential Energy Retrofit Measures - High Rise Residential Building

Smart Energy Recovery will identify the key energy-saving measures that may need to be upgraded or replaced. These may include:

Standard Measures

Measure Comments Impact on Overall Energy Cost
Parking Garage Lighting Change to LEDs / occupancy sensors High
Corridor / Stairwell Lighting Change to LEDs / occupancy sensors High
Exterior / Site Lighting Change to LEDs / photocells High
Domestic Cold Water Booster Pump Switch from single to VFD pumping High
Corridor Makeup Air Unit (Fan) Replace heating coil with high-efficiency gas or hydronic Medium
Boiler Retrofit Upgrade DHW/heating boilers to high efficiencies / repiping to optimize configurations High
Piping Insulation Replace/add insulation to hot and chilled water pipes Medium (assumes damaged or absent insulation)
Chiller Plant Replacement New chiller (VFD / mag bearing) and/or condenser pumps, control system High
Cooling Tower VFD Install VFD fan motor Medium
Circulation Pump VFD) Replace starters on circulation pumps with VFD Medium
BAS Control System Central boiler room BAS system to control temperature setpoint, boiler staging, pumps, etc High
Window Upgrade Replace with higher performing windows Medium
Toilet / water fixture retrofit Replace toilets with low flow, add aerators or replace faucets High if baseline fixtures are high-flow

Aspirational Measures

Measure Comments Impact on Overall Energy Cost
Parking Garage Lighting Rooftop or building integrated solar High
Cogeneration System Gas generator to produce power locally and recover heat High
Building Recladding Add insulation to walls, roofs High
Solarwall Air Heating System Perforated metal cladding system to preheat ventilation air Low